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Here are some recent testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

I have been a customer at Ayers Automotive since 1999. In that time I have found the service to be outstanding and highly professional. Not only have they serviced my Land Rover, but all my family cars including a Mercedes, Peugeot, Holden and Nissan Patrol.
I have no reservations in recommending this business to car and 4WD owners.


My wife and I have been using Ayers Automotive for 12 years. We are delighted with the service received there. Richard and his team are honest, knowledgeable, always on time and on budget. Once while delivering our car home after a service, Richard noticed a strange sound. Without us asking, he offered to pick the car up the next day, investigated the cause of the sound and fixed it – all at no extra cost. Now that’s what I call service!


I can’t speak highly enough of your service and professionalism. The extent to which you go to deliver that little extra to ensure you provide customer satisfaction is to be highly commended!

A. A.

Taking my car to Ayers workshop is always a good experience. Great service and car gets cleaned as well! If anything goes wrong, I know Richard and the boys can fix it. I get provided a courtesy car which I use to get back home – we live about 40 minutes away. After 14 years of service, I can thoroughly recommend Ayers Automotive to anyone!


My name is Charles Matthews and I live in Beacon Hill. I am possibly the oldest and longest customer of Ayers Automotive – have been using them now for over 20 years! Their work is excellent and I have never had anything wrong with any part of my car that they have worked on.  When my Holden got to a stage where it was too old, Richard advised me to get rid of it and in fact found a buyer for me. He even found me another car, a Toyota Corolla which had been regularly serviced by them and has been marvellous! I have no hesitation at all in saying that I think they are the best mechanics I have ever known, their work is polished and the car is always dependable. I would recommend them to anyone and indeed have steered several customers to them.

C. M.

I now exclusively use the expert tech team at Ayers Automotive for all my motoring problems and on-going service. For some years I went from “friend” to “friend” and although they meant well, I was sometimes disappointed with either the results or the time taken to do the job. At Ayers, I found a team of dedicated experts who not only delivered the technically correct product but also with efficiency, speed and courtesy (even to my most “nerdish” questions). There have been times when I needed assistance and had my car towed to the premises late at night. Richard was there with a loan car and I was back on the road. I rely on my car to get to and from work and this is my idea of motoring bliss, never been let down. I’ve got NRMA Roadservice and Ayers Automotive, can’t get any better. Thanks for the dedication, team spirit and exchange in abundance.


Thankfully I found Ayers Automotive about 5 years ago! Being a girl in a male-dominated industry, I was always being ripped off, services not done or not done well, parts being replaced rather than car being fixed, etc. Since bringing my car to Ayers, my car runs better than it ever has, I am informed on what is needed and how much it will cost beforehand, I receive the best service from a competent and ethical team. I would recommend everyone to Ayers Automotive.

J. F.